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Feb. 2nd, 2013 @ 02:07 pm Idle purge underway!
I am idle purging all users with 900 days or greater connection time. This is just phase 1. In a week or two, I'll get everyone > 600 days. This is mainly to purge the rolls and free up names and just basically tidy up the muck.

If you have any alts or characters you want kept, please log them in now or you may lose them in the next few weeks. Note that anyone with significant property holdings (more than 2 rooms or several objects) are being spared for the time until I can work out what to do with their property and where it connects into the muck building.

Any questions, ask me or Azrael on the muck. None of the other wizzes are involved in the cleanup at this time, so please only check with me or Azzy. Thanks!
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