Aetobatus (aeto) wrote in alfandria,

If all goes well...

I'm holding a drive in my hands now which, if all goes (or has gone) well, contains a copy of the Alfandria database. I'm hoping to try to dig a copy off it sometime this week, so we can see if someone wants to do something to get it running again.

I'm about 75% sure it's on there, but I can't make any promises yet. I'll be spending tomorrow looking for the files.

(Just got a mail message about it the other day, so thought I'd drop a note here about it. :> )


Some of you are likely wondering what actually happened... Here's the history.

A few years ago, back when it was running on tiger, I suffered the Disk Crash From Hell. Basically, I'd just moved away from the bay area, with all my colo servers still there. The Alf and related machines were on a big, 14-drive RAID array. Well, one of the two power supplies went belly-up, causing half the drives to spin down.

Any *reasonable* RAID controller would have paniced and shut down. The Adaptec HW raid controller I had instead decided to corrupt the rest of the drives, beyond repair. All wasn't lost, however, as just days before I had copied the entire muck's config files to a machine which was being built out as a replacement anyway. That was Jaguar, and it was able to go online relatively quickly because of that.

Last year, sometime late in the year, jaguar fell off the network for unknown reasons. I spent around a month working with the colo folks, but we finally decided the motherboard was dead, and I had the drives FedExed to me sometime around the end of last year. I copied all the user directories off of them, and put them to other uses. I admit, I kind of forgot about the Alfandria stuff...

The config files SHOULD be on the drive I copied all the user directory contents onto, though. I've got that drive installed in a machine now, and hope to be able to access them in the next day or two.

I'll make the same offer I did before. I really don't have the time to manage the system anymore, but do have the resources, so if someone wants to take over management on my systems, I'm happy to make that possible. As you've certainly noticed if you've looked for the server, the "" systems are still there...

So, wish me luck. :>
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