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My. Nothing since last year. I'm hoping everything is okay there, especially as after all this time I just found this community. You might remember me from about 1997-200? before my usenet access faded away.
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Just another day in the Alfandria clearing

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Just a muck update, the muck is doing well with no technical issues or interruptions in service in some time and those few and far in between.

It is a bit quiet at this time with Anthrocon and other summer events going on. We are always open and welcoming to new dragons and friends of dragons, so if you know anyone who might be interested, feel free to send them over to check out the muck!

Oh and we also have a map now thanks to Artex!
Alfandria Map

Moving domain proviers

I'm changing our domain to a new registrar. I don't anticipate any problems, but if you have trouble getting to alfandria.net, please use the IP to connect. I do have to put us into a new DNS, but it is possible, but hopefully all will go well without any interruptions.

Muck IP Change

Just in case anyone was using IP directly...

Our IP changed to Ports are still 8888-8898 for plaintext and 8899-8902 for SSL secure connections.

However it would be best to use our hostname alfandria.net when connecting, in case they change our IP again!

Oh and yes I know the domain expires in 90 days. I'm taking care of that this weekend :)

Happy mucking!

Idle purge underway!

I am idle purging all users with 900 days or greater connection time. This is just phase 1. In a week or two, I'll get everyone > 600 days. This is mainly to purge the rolls and free up names and just basically tidy up the muck.

If you have any alts or characters you want kept, please log them in now or you may lose them in the next few weeks. Note that anyone with significant property holdings (more than 2 rooms or several objects) are being spared for the time until I can work out what to do with their property and where it connects into the muck building.

Any questions, ask me or Azrael on the muck. None of the other wizzes are involved in the cleanup at this time, so please only check with me or Azzy. Thanks!

Happy New year!

A happy new year to all Alfandrians present and past!

The muck is still around and doing very well! We have 15-25 people on at peak hours each night and plenty of conversation or even at times role play for those who seek it. It is great to still see a vibrant community of dragons 4 years after the muck rebirth. In many ways it feels more like the "Good old days" on Alfandria again.

But I digress! There is a big improvement I am rolling out to the central clearing this winter. We will now have seasonal descriptions! The description will change as the seasons come and go and age. Right now we have 8 descriptions that the clearing will rotate through as the year goes on. I am listing them all behind the cut for people to peruse and nitpick on if they wish. Keep in mind when suggesting is I want thing A) Simple and B) Short enough to not cut off. But do let me know if you like or dislike any of them!

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Muck is back up

Rather quick downtime this time. All I could do was restart the system and install a few OS patches.

The larger maintainaince I wanted to do was held up by a problem logging into the VM controller. The host has been working to get me access this weekend, but sadly have not fixed the problem yet. I will have to put off the more major upgrade of the OS and to the final version of Fuzzball off until later this year.

Apologies for everyone thinking this would be down longer, but the good news is it is back online sooner than expected.

Muck downtime - Monday Sept 3rd

Just an FYI as of 9AM on Monday Sept 3rd, I will be brining down the muck for part of the day to do work on the server. As this will be an extended downtime, I will post here when maintainaince is complete. We will have a system backup Sunday as we do every Sunday morning, so should anything go wrong, little will be lost.

As of today we have had almost 300 days of uninterrupted uptime, so the system has been working well other than the clock drifting out of sync with the real world as several people noted to me today. Part of my maintainance will be to fix the NTPD server so this shouldn't happen again.

For those who need their mucking fix, Silvermist and Rayanth will have a special clearing room only server set up for people to come chat while I work on the main server.

Thanks again to all the dragons, furs and peoples who spend their time to come to Alfandria and make it such a special place!

Alfandria upgrades

Been a while since I posted and Alfandria update. Muck is still around and still very much alive! We have currently had 217 days of uninterrupted uptime, which is pretty fantastic for a muck. To further survival of the MUCK, I have given server access to Larana, who also takes weekly backups so that there are two copies on opposite sides of the planet. Should something happen to either of us, the other will be able to continue running of the muck. This also means someone else is around to fix any server issues that arise if I am unavailable to do so.

That said, I have started a bit of redecorating on the muck. The clearing is getting an updated description as well as a special upgrade. I am creating an astronomical MUF library to return day/night cycles as well as moon phases and seasonal changes. This will allow for area descriptions that vary with the seasons and even day/night or moon phase. The clearing will be the first room to get such an upgrade, with its description details varying depending on the time and date. I am hoping that players will find this useful creating a more dynamic atmosphere to their lairs and other building. The library is still being built and tested, but once I have it finished and the MPI macros for it made, I will update the muck documentation so that people will be able to use it.

I will also be updating the Statue of the Unknown Dragon so that people can write messages for their lost ones. I will continue to include a link to Wyrm's site for the descriptions there, though it doesn't seem to be taking new messages.

That is all I have for now. I thank all current and former players for making Alfandria such a special place!