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Dec. 15th, 2011 @ 02:18 pm Alfandria Idle Purge
Going to purge all users who have not connected since the muck went back online in 2009. If you want to log back in, I would so so before that time. Here is the list of people, if you are on it and can't get in, come on as a guest and talk to a wiz about password recovery. Keep in mind we will need to take some steps to ensure you are who you say you are :) I'll be removing anyone on this list who hasn't logged in since posting this on Dec 31st. This will include all objects and rooms connected to these characters. Main reason to do this is to make room for new building.

List of users at risk of year end idle purge
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Oct. 10th, 2011 @ 10:14 pm Alfandria back up!
Had a server crash which resulted in the MUCK being down for a while. Some changes may have been lost up to 2-4 hours before the crash. I have recovered and found a possible reason (port monitor alert system and the muck didn't get along) and have turned that off for now.

I went ahead with the box ram upgrade since it was already down and took care of a few OS patches. I also have added more ports for connecting in case anyone has issues with 8888. We now have 8888-8898 for regular connections and 8899-8902 for SSL connections. Note that if you have trouble connecting with BeipMU to the SSL ports, you probably need an update to fix a SSL problem that was recently fixed.

We also now have a twitter account, @alfandriamuck where you can check for status updates, scheduled downtimes, etc.

Anyway, apologizes on the crash and extended downtime. We are back up and should hopefully have no further issues! (Note muck has been up last 4 hours, I posted to my account instead of here! Been one of those days!)
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Jun. 6th, 2011 @ 01:09 am Recent crafts: fairies and dragons

Super large images hereCollapse )
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Apr. 18th, 2011 @ 11:35 am DS: Dragon Plush

Selling an OOAK Dragon Poseable Plush

$95 + 10.99 shipping

For sale is an ooak plush dragon, 12" long (not counting the tail) and 9" tall. The face and feet are made of clay, and the body is plush. The dragon can be posed, as it has a wire frame inside it. It takes the sculpter over 50 hours to create these plushies. I just purchased this recently for $112 total on eBay, but recently found out my cat has cancer, and can no longer afford to keep it if I want to seek treatment for him. This plush has therefore only sat on my desk for a few weeks.

You can see the original ebay auction, as well as a lot of pictures, here.
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Rilakkuma Face
Mar. 27th, 2011 @ 04:48 pm Alfandria MUCK News - March 2011
Been a while and a lot has happened since the last update!

The muck is not only still up but is entering a phase of steady growth! We just last night hit an all time high of 31 users logged in at once and the muck has been averaging 15-20 people or more a night for several months now. This may not be much compared to big mucks like Furry and Taps, but for a muck salvaged from the dead less than 2 years ago, this is a pretty good achievement!

* As part of the growth, we have expanded the wiz staff and now welcome Computechie as a wiz.
* We are also working on a website as well as a better way for people to register new characters without having to log in as a guest and wait for a wiz to become available, as the number of people interested in the muck has grown quite a bit over the last 3-6 months.
* The website is under construction and may not fully work at the moment. However over the next few months, I hope to get it fully operational and looking pretty and with some useful functionality as well.

If any dragons out there are looking for others to chat with in real time, feel free to stop by and check out the muck! You can log in as a guest and try the place out before deciding to get a character.

That is all we have for now, will post again once the website is fully working and ready to use.
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Feb. 2nd, 2011 @ 11:19 am Did we just get spammed?
Cyrillic zodiac stuff? Looks like NOT RELEVANT TO OUR INTERESTS here.
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Eye of the Dragon
Aug. 21st, 2010 @ 11:49 pm Alfandria MUCK has moved!
The MUCK has moved to a new server tonight. Move took just a few minutes and everything went flawlessly!

If you try to connect to alfandria.net and get to a screen telling you to connect by IP then your DNS has not updated yet. Please connect to ports are 8888 for plaintext and 8899 for SSL encrypted.

Please try the alfandria.net domain first, and the IP second.

This move should eliminate the connection problems that have been a big problem of late. Our old server was a great machine and kept the muck up for nearly 250 days without needing a single reboot, but the ISP involved was a big problem. The new hosting solution should eliminate all the problems. Thanks for your patience as this move took place. Hope to see you all back on soon!
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Aug. 10th, 2010 @ 01:01 am Dragon Charm

Carved from a shed antler, there are carved-in channels in the back to slide cords through to wear him around your neck, ankle, belly, arm, or wrist.

bigger under hereCollapse )
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Jul. 31st, 2010 @ 09:36 pm (no subject)
Hello everyone.  I hope you all having fun, wherever you are. <3
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Oct. 17th, 2009 @ 06:01 pm Alfandria MUCK news!
It's been a month, so here's what's been happening on Alfandria MUCK!

The muck is at alfandria.net port 8888 for those interested in checking it out. Guest accounts are available, so you can check it out before you request a character.

The muck is hopping! Lots of new people, both returning old fruites and new young nuts joining the muck over the last month! The latest whengraphs are very positive news.

As you can see, there are usually at least 6-10 people connected, and often 11-15. Very few low spots with just 1-5 people. Weekends are always busiest with nearly 20 people on at once at times.

I have also run a user audit and found that out of the 170 current accounts (includes guest, test and special use accounts) about 100 of the accounts are regularly active within 90 days and about 70 within 30 days.

That said, it is time to move on to the connection problems we have been having. I finally was able to get a technician out on site and the primary access point was replaced today. I still plan to move the MUCK to a different host. Right now I am talking with 2 different possible hosting sites. One has experience hosting furry mucks, the other has hosted other MUDS and games before. I'll announce the move once I've chosen between the two.

That is all I have for this month :)
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