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Sep. 1st, 2012 @ 10:06 pm Muck downtime - Monday Sept 3rd
Just an FYI as of 9AM on Monday Sept 3rd, I will be brining down the muck for part of the day to do work on the server. As this will be an extended downtime, I will post here when maintainaince is complete. We will have a system backup Sunday as we do every Sunday morning, so should anything go wrong, little will be lost.

As of today we have had almost 300 days of uninterrupted uptime, so the system has been working well other than the clock drifting out of sync with the real world as several people noted to me today. Part of my maintainance will be to fix the NTPD server so this shouldn't happen again.

For those who need their mucking fix, Silvermist and Rayanth will have a special clearing room only server set up for people to come chat while I work on the main server.

Thanks again to all the dragons, furs and peoples who spend their time to come to Alfandria and make it such a special place!
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