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Jun. 17th, 2012 @ 10:25 am Alfandria upgrades
Been a while since I posted and Alfandria update. Muck is still around and still very much alive! We have currently had 217 days of uninterrupted uptime, which is pretty fantastic for a muck. To further survival of the MUCK, I have given server access to Larana, who also takes weekly backups so that there are two copies on opposite sides of the planet. Should something happen to either of us, the other will be able to continue running of the muck. This also means someone else is around to fix any server issues that arise if I am unavailable to do so.

That said, I have started a bit of redecorating on the muck. The clearing is getting an updated description as well as a special upgrade. I am creating an astronomical MUF library to return day/night cycles as well as moon phases and seasonal changes. This will allow for area descriptions that vary with the seasons and even day/night or moon phase. The clearing will be the first room to get such an upgrade, with its description details varying depending on the time and date. I am hoping that players will find this useful creating a more dynamic atmosphere to their lairs and other building. The library is still being built and tested, but once I have it finished and the MPI macros for it made, I will update the muck documentation so that people will be able to use it.

I will also be updating the Statue of the Unknown Dragon so that people can write messages for their lost ones. I will continue to include a link to Wyrm's site for the descriptions there, though it doesn't seem to be taking new messages.

That is all I have for now. I thank all current and former players for making Alfandria such a special place!
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